Friday 8 January 2016

Magento 2--> 404 error for scipts and css

When not in production mode Magento 2 will try to create symlinks for some static resources. You can change that behavior by doing the following.
  1. Open up app/etc/di.xml and find the virtualType name="developerMaterialization" section. In that section you'll find an item name="view_preprocessed" that needs to be modified or deleted. You can modify it by changing the contents from Magento\Framework\App\View\Asset\MaterializationStrategy\Symlink to Magento\Framework\App\View\Asset\MaterializationStrategy\Copy
  2. Delete the files under pub/static to get rid of any existing symlinks. You may want to be careful not to delete the .htaccess file.
This should solve your error with the symlink.


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